Apr 30, 2013

I am back!!

I have a serious phone problem apparently!  I downloaded 7,000 pics from my phone.  Gotta find out how to delete them from there.  My whole life is on there. lol

I brought my spring flower additions to the patio home a few weeks ago in 57 degree chill.  Crazy weather we are having this Spring.  It is usually about 77-87 now.

In Pre-k we are visiting the Rain Forest for 1 more week.  We are gonna make our own rainsticks out of rice and paper towel rolls. 

From my day planner for April...which ends today.  Are ya ready for the craziest month of the year...May?!

Bloom, Baby...Bloom!!  DeniseMarie


  1. Do you have an IPhone or Droid? If so, get the 'Photo Transfer App'.... it allows you to transfer your photos from your phone to your computer wirelessly. Then, you can upload them to whatever photo storage site you want, for safe-keeping.

  2. May is always such a busy month....but I long for it to be smooth and flowing with peace. This time of year is so pretty and it makes me want to take my shoes off and sit on the porch and feel the breeze but showers, and parties beckon me. LOL

  3. I hope you can figure out your phone, Denise. I cannot believe why it is still cold in other parts of the country when it is already May. Thank you for your visit....Christine


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