Mar 18, 2013

Tech diff

All of a sudden...I can't find my Picasa pics.  My phone acts like it is posting them but I go to retreive them and nutt'n!
I gotta find a Blog Diva to help me!!  It is full on baseball season.  I took my oldest son for his 2nd appt. with a Chiropractic specialist.  I feel good about him because he is also an athlete.  He explained everything he was doing to Jake.  Jake is a Varsity pitcher and he is having arm/shoulder issues.  He is on his 2nd week of NO game-time as his body recovers from a "micro trauma"  (what the Dr. called it). 

About to see about loading up my Swap box and sending it off to Oregon.  I have had so much fun!!  I hope you can join us next time.

Bloomin thru Fibro woes today, DeniseMarie



  1. Sorry can't help you with Picasso - not to technical myself. Mr OP swears by Chiropractors! Hope that your son feels better soon!

  2. Wish I could help but I haven’t used Picasso. I’m sure your will get it resolved with the help of a tech savvy blogger! Happy Spring.

    The French Hutch

  3. No help from me girl. I always have to go to my man when I have a problem. Hope your son gets feeling better soon and back to his game. My hubby was a pitcher and loved playing basketball. It's hard when they get old and have to give it up. The other day we passed a field where kids were playing and he said, "I wish I could still play". I just hopped over from Carolynn's blog. Your gift to her was ever so sweet. She loved it. She is such a sweetheart. Which I'm sure you know very well. She sent me a darling gift for no reason. Other than to be nice, of course.

  4. Hi Denise Marie...Oh, I am so glad you got your package. I hope you like the color purple. Your beautiful window treatment in your bedroom was my inspiration.

    How I love your thoughtful gifts. You have made my Easter so special. Your swag is absolutely adorable. I just love it!! I have yet to make a swag for myself and so yours is my very first handmade beauty (other than the cheap Valentine's one that I bought at Target). Thank you so much. I love having it on the mantel and it looks so pretty with my other decorations.
    I delight in all the beautiful scriptures you have included.

    I have already listened to one of Beth Moore's devotionals. I love her to pieces. I studied the book of Daniel through her teachings and learned so much. Today, I purchased one of her new books for my 90 year old Mom for Easter. I know she will enjoy it.

    How I love the red and white polka dot tape. I'm going to have so much fun using it. Your darling and clever Sea Shell Easter Basket idea is perfect for me since I grew up on the Oregon Coast. The tiny buttons were a cute surprise when I opened up each colored egg. Chicken buttons in my favorite colors...Warm fuzzy flannel banana toting monkeys...sticky note...Forget-Me-Not seeds...and so many pretty ribbons and thoughtful touches.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a wonderful Easter Swap Pal. I will remember you each time I see the darling little blue and white plate that says..."Friends area the best presents"!

    Have a Happy Happy Easter!
    Carolynn xoxo

  5. I understand about student athletes and injuries. We have had a few at our house too. So sorry!

  6. Just popping by to wish you a happy Easter!



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