Mar 13, 2013

Creamware Dreams

I finally couldn't stand it this past Fall/Winter season.  I had to have a beagle plate!
Spode Woodland series just goes on and on!!  But, a beagle...I can NOT resist.  I already have the real thing here, Jack Beagle, but still...
I believe there was a special deal at Char-Crews before Christmas.  I jumped on it even though I wasn't suppose to spend another $$.  I think I got 25% off and free shipping if I spent a certain amount.  That started the whole hoard!
Did ya know that Beagles eat/chase/hunt Bunnies?!  I love bunnies, they are everywhere on my property.  So, since Beagle Run Cottage days, I always have my tongue in my cheek about beagles and bunnies.  Had to have bunnies!!  Thrifted the covered dish bunny several yrs ago.
Did ya know that brown bunnies go white in the winter?!  I read that somewhere when I was drooling over these dishes on E-bay for months.  I did find a few that way.
I had to put the duck in there? They had like 20% off at Tuesday Morning and I got small ducks.   For goodness sakes...I thrifted the covered dish last yr.  My mom has the ugliest duck lamp/planter that I know is olden and valuable.  I laughed at it for yrs when I went over there... but now...I want it!!  I have to have it for my Woodland set.  I can just see it on the sideboard when I use these dishes. 
Couldn't pass this up thrifting after finding all these beauties. 
Did I ever tell ya that my son is a Falcon at school and on the baseball team?!  He should have a dinner on a falcon plate before a big game...don't you think?  He has an over-use injury right now and I need to get these ready for his 1st game back pitching!!
Must I stop with Spode Woodland?  Can't I mix and match?
Gorgeous plates I etsy shopped.  I was getting everything in sets of 2 so I could build a tablescape.  These creamware are the 1st dishes Hubby has every really liked.  He likes all the warm tones.
My mom and I antiqued at Christmas together and she spied this for like $6.
gotta love the back of the plates.

Glorious plate that looks like the estate 1 would hunt from for a get-away from politics.
Now, Y'all know why I got all gittery when I saw Sweet Bee with this in her Etsy.  "Falcon Feathers" or Eagle??  around the rim!!
Next time U see these...I'll have them all decked out for a meal.  I have fun accessories to show n tell.

Love, love, love me some dishes!!




  1. Those beagle dishes are perfect for you! Thanks for the shout out! I had some gorgeous brown transferware several months ago. I really liked it, but I knew others would love it even more. (And, dare I say it, a girl can only have so many dishes. Yeah, I said it, but it probably isn't true for me - or for you I'd bet!) You have a gorgeous collection!

  2. You sure do have an eye for plates. I can see why you couldn't resist that beagle plate at the top. (And your dog is so cute!)


  3. Hope that comment made sense. I'm a bit bleary eyed - report card time, Open House (and all its stinkin' projects for Baby Bee), and a big training I'm going to tomorrow that I need to prep lessons for AND make sub plans. ARRGH! Why does it all happen at once???

    1. Perfect sense!! Summer is around the corner.

  4. Your china pieces are absolutely charming!

  5. Hi Denise Marie,
    Just stopping by to say hello.
    What a wonderful grouping of brown transferware. I have a cupboard full of blue transferware and I love them.

    I hope you are having a nice day,

  6. Lovin your beagle plate. How could you resist?

  7. I'm in love with every single one of those dishes. I'd have no resistance either!! Sally

  8. I have a serious Delamere addiction. Let's start a support group! I started my collection last year, so I haven't acquired any accent pieces yet. I just started with the basic set, but I'm already overwhelmed with the choices! Do I want to get the turkey salad plates for next Thanksgiving? Or do I want to go more woodland with hares, and deer, then again I just love the rabbits, and I also love the salmon! Arggh!!! Please do not stop collecting and mixing and matching so I can enjoy them vicariously since I couldn't possibly get them all.

  9. You certainly have some beautiful plates!
    Mary Alice

  10. Hi Denise Marie,
    I loved seeing your dishes, so pretty. When you get your table all decked out, do come over and link it up at Let's Dish, every Wed at 7. It's a smaller party, but many of the gals visit everyone of the entries. It is fun!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. The Beagle plates are my cute!


  12. DeniseMarie you have a unbelievable collect of dishes. Love all that brown transferware. I need some plates with dogs.

  13. Gorgeous dishes! What a fun tablescape those would make. Makes me think of hunting season. :)


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