Apr 4, 2012

sink cabinet

We finished the sink cabinet for my classroom.  At Big Lots this past week, I found the only roll of contact paper in the store with kitchie, retro strawberries and snagged it up for the 3 year olds viewing pleasure. :D

I scoured my Hancock Fabrics for something that had bright, cheery and playful fabric...I think I found it...what do you think? lol  I will beg my Momma to help me make tie back panels for the front of the cabinet and maybe a kitchie towel too.  We have kinda a froggie thing going in our room.  And...we sing a song about the 5 lil river frogs floating on the river logs.

Can you remember the before of the stove and sink?  The faucet was birch, black and olden metal.  When I saw this bright silver can I knew I'd use it but it finally hit me to have the whole piece go silver and I think we nailed it.  I retired my shelf liner that got me thru 1/2 the school year.  I love it still.  It is on their shelves that are in the living center still.

 I love the way the faucet turned out.  And, check out the towel ring.  I looked over yesterday and the lil rascals had stuck a potted flower in that ring. lol  The living center changes every 2 weeks into a Dino bone lab...insect science lab, flower shop, pet grooming area...who knows.  They LOVE it!!
Every morning that they arrive they run to the living center to discover our newest set-up.  It is always a big hit.  This was a very rewarding effort for Hubby and I to under-take.

I am in the throws of preparing my own dining room for Easter Supper.  Pics soon.


  1. this is wonderful and will give tons and tons of memories and good time! APPLAUSE and APPAWS!!! : ) hugs...make yourself a smoothie -- you deserve it!!! hugs...

  2. Oh how I'd have loved this little living center as a little one... Pretending is so much fun, isn't it? Many kids now are so connected to electronics that there isn't a lot of time leftover for daydreaming and make believe. What a great start you're giving these little ones.


  3. How cute is that! My two year old grandson has a "manly" dark wood kitchen and loves it! Happy Sunday!...hugs...Debbie
    PS...I've emailed you a surprise! :-)


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