Feb 6, 2011

Icicle wonder

It's Seasonal Sunday in TX.
Gotta show ya'll the way my boys enjoyed our School's Closed on Friday.  It did not snow :(..
Yougest guy got up as early as possible to see if it was snowing...what a let down.
So...we did not get a snow day as much as an ice on the car, roads and plants day.
I thought they were just bringing a piece of ice in but it was much more spectacular than that.
We found icicle stamps on our leaves!!
Wow...really cool!!
They figured out we could lift an imprint right off the leaves.  I'm not sure how they figured that out before smashing it all up.  Boys!! lol
I think we lost a few plants at both houses because we never covered anything up. :/

This is the best cold weather gear we got folks.  We are not use to the 20's/30's around these parts.
 I kept hollerin' at them out the door...remember to protect your hands and ears. lol

Spring Baseball try-outs in front of the coaches the past 2 Saturdays. 
That is Hubby hunkered down in 1 of those chairs.  It looks beautiful and sunny but was very chilly and windy.  Had to worry a little about him hanging out so much the last 2 weekends in the cold, chilly winds.  I think Baseball warms his heart though. :)

Love me some Seasonal Sundays.  Helps us remember to look back at the highlights of the week and realize how blessed we are and how much fun we had!!

Bloggie Love, DeniseMarie


  1. How neat that your sons noticed the ice on the leaves. I love to see baseball, that means spring is coming:@)

  2. How fun they ended up with leaf icicles!

  3. What a joy it is to come to my blog and find another friendly face! Thank you for visiting and come back anytime you want. I have grown daughters but grew up with 5 younger brothers. I remember all too well how rambunctious young boys can be. The fact that they so tenderly handled that fragile ice leaf shows they have a gentle side indeed! But I am sure the "boy" in them whispered "we need to smash this thing!" LOL. Thank you for passing on my Give-Away info. I added you to my blog list as well. :)

  4. Loved the pics of the ice from the leaves.. how incredibly cool. What you missed we got up here, and just glad we aren't in Dallas that really got a whollup of the white stuff.

  5. Neat ice leaves! My sis lives in TX and she was telling me how it was like bumper cars near her with the ice. We have it all winter!
    Have a good week, Denise!

  6. I can't imagine how tenderly they must have lifted that ice from the leaf. It is wonderful that they noticed it, and it is wonderful that they gently plucked it from the leaf. laurie

  7. Such beautiful leaves. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. Great photos, Denise. Looks like we both got some ice....Christine

  9. Loved the pictures of the icy leaf imprints! I hope your plants will be OK. Have a happy Valentine's Day!



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