Feb 10, 2011

happy hearts

I got this lil glittery red tree at Hobby Lobby 80% off last month.  I used various things from last years clearance sales around town to fill this tree.  It is on my bkfst table delighting us each time we sit or walk by.

When I took down the Christmas decor I put up the Valentine festive pieces from my stash at our front door.  My boys haven't even noticed the Precious Moment boy getting an X-ray with his bootie showing. lol

More coming soon...Happy Hearts make the Lord react to us and move mountains for us!!

It's Thankful Thursday in bloggie world

Bloggie Love, DeniseMarie


  1. Love the little tree! The arrangement above the door is darling! Very pretty and festive! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I just LOVE the tree! It's so cheery!

  3. What a great tree and display. And 80% off- that's a dream! I just splurged at HL on some 66% off items. Usually I try to wait.
    I saw your button for WNWNW and hope to be around to join in.


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