Aug 20, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday

Good morning girlies! My dear friend (who will soon have her own blog) and I went huntin' down a local resale shop yesterday. We each found a piece of clothing. I got this dress for $5, it doesn't look like much but it is really cute on. Here we are at our "been there and done that" shop. A dear lady was walking out and I begged her to take our picture. So much for our face shot. :0)
While in North Carolina last week I snagged these 2 items, the yellow egg vase for my beloved Meadow rose dishes/easter scaping for $2 and the little birdie for a nest scape for .75.
While in Gulf Shores family crisis Thrift store I saw this for $5. Bad quality photo but my moma loves Cherished Teddies and will love this Boo gift. These are usually $15-20. Uhhh, Mom...if you see this act surprised when I present it to you.
And lastly, this for $5. This is the deep red almost burgandy color I'm trying to put dashes of to tie into my accent kitchen wall and kitchen curtain. Why do I love urns sooooo much?
Ya'll, I have been wanting to join Holly at Homebody for Thrifty Thursday for a month. I've had her button on my desktop just waiting for me to add to my blog. Holly, you get great deals and I love those bird tea lights too, found 1 while in N.C. Dollar Tree. If I did it right you can go to her button at the top of my blog to join in the fun.
love and blessings, denisemarie...bloom girlies!


  1. Hi denisemarie! I'm so glad you participated in TST this week :) The egg vase will be perfectly lovely for Easter! Isn't it fun to find the perfect item for something you had in mind...the urn will be a great accent for your kitchen.

  2. Lovely treasures and at great prices too. And a very pretty blog!

  3. You are a doll, and I love urns too. I guess it is because you can do so much with them. That chippy red and yellow is great..

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I just love your urn! I have a fixation with them as well and now it's close to an obsession! That is just gorgeous. The egg vase...I have never seen one, but will be on the look out from now on.

  5. Hi Denise Marie,
    I have a thing for urns too ... they have a really graceful shape, don't they?
    Glad you stopped by and said hello. It's always great to hear from you!

    Hope your weekend goes well.


  6. Hello Denise,
    I've missed you not following along on my blog anymore. I hope all is well.

    Take Care, ~Melissa

  7. Oops! Girl I found you! I'm not sure what is up with Blogger and all the quirks they have.

    I just adore all your new finds! The red vase is gorgeous.

    ~Blessings my friend, ~Melissa :)

  8. Love your finds. The little bird is just adorable. I also love urns. There is always room for one more.

    Thrifting with friends is even more fun than thrifting by ourselves. : )


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