Aug 21, 2009

TGI Friday!

Hello ya'll! We had just gotten in from 2 weeks away from lil fella's best buddy next door and she wanted to eat with us and I didn't have enough so she came back for dessert and I made us banana splits with the bananas all cut up and strawberries too...I let them pick thru the sprinkles and we all chose chocolate sauce too...1 for the hard worker, of course. :D


  1. They are so happy and I don't blame them. Yummy! I love banana splits.

    You remembered about Houston!
    That would be the biggest dream come true for my hubby. He did apply earlier this year and was accepted by the Marine Corps for his application to go to NASA. Of course the next level was beyond tough. They only picked just a select few. I know you've probably heard about the hard process already. Time will tell. In a few years he can apply again and maybe again. Fingers crossed. If not he's got the Aero Engineering degree for use after his MC career.

    I like your new profile picture! It's cute!

  2. What a cute pair and friendship! You seem to have everything-- even banana split boats!

  3. yummy- I wish I had one of thse right now! classic and fun dessert.

  4. I could totally go for one of those banana splits right now... :)

  5. Now those are two kids who are so happy with those banana splits. I think I could be happy be invited back for dessert at your house too:)


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