Dec 13, 2012

Stylish napkin find

Let me start with a prayer you can agree with me on
Dear Lord, Bless Teachers, Administrators and Parents along with students that had to return to "normal" today...we may never have a normal again. Remind us of your presence and bless Connecticut! May Angels inhabit our schools, homes and cities!! Amen 

I am happy about a recent napkin purchase.  I was in Dillard's admiring the Christmas tree decor.

Normal people were purchasing just the right touch for their 2012 dream tree.

Oh...but not I..
So, this is close to where my attention should have been fully planted! My beautiful fransiscan apple dish collection I filled the curio with this fall. I received much of this as an inheritance from Hubby's Paternal Auntie when she found out I was collecting it.

But...I tend to Major in Minor details and if you look in the wee bottom left corner you'll feast your eyes on a small sampling of another inheritance I can't stop thinking of. This is Theodore Haviland..Troy. Hubby's Maternal Auntie left it to me recently. It is not dissimilar from my wedding or anniversary china.
 I love finding after season clearance merchandise wherever I roam so I meandered to the very back corner and found gorgeous stacks of napkins by Ralph Lauren and other designers.
  That is what my heart was thinking of  as the 1st of Christmas came out in the stores.    I brought 2 patterns home to look over with my dishes and Ralph Lauren had to go back because the colors were wonderfully bold and I needed subtle.  I snagged up their entire pile of 15 of these beauties.  Ivy Hill Home.  My fav price is $1/each or less but I splurged at $1.75 because they are really big and double sided...high quality.  And...I have never happened upon something that worked so well without sewing up a storm with my Mom. 
They have that cabbage rose olden feeling I love.
They would go amazingly well with my Mom's Fransiscan Desert Rose too!
Syracuse Forget Me Not china was an anniversary find in the Eastern Shore of VA on vaca several yrs ago. 
And, Lenox Southern Vista..our wedding china.  We picked this pattern out the day we got engaged.

If I ever have a large gathering it will be fun to use all 3 patterns at different tables.

Due to technical pics aren't so great and I cannot upload the pic I took of all china together with a napkin.  I will show tablescapes as they happen.

Sneaking into Tablescape Thursday at BNOTP with Susan.

because Show n Tell Friday is loaded and closed.

and                                                  Blue Monday at Smiling Sally
Happy Merry making, Denise Marie 


  1. Lucky you! And smart to shop the area where nobody else was shopping. laurie

  2. I do the same thing! In the past couple of weeks, I've picked up summer clearance at PB, Halloween dishes at Hobby Lobby and Thanksgiving items at the Dollar Store!!!

  3. Thank heavens for thoughtful Aunties. Beautiful patterns, and I look forward to seeing them mixed and matched...what fun! Merry Christmas! Cherry Kay

  4. Your Franciscan Apple Dish collection is to die for! What a feast for the eyes!

  5. You need to start having some major dinner parties! Thanks for sharing; I love the delicate blue china.

    Happy Blue Monday, Denise Marie.

  6. You have such a gorgeous collection of the Franciscan!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. Franciscan Apple is one of my favorite patterns, you're a lucky girl!

  8. Hi Denise Marie,
    I have been having a wonderful time strolling through your beautiful blog. I love your Apple Franciscan Ware. My good friend has it and would you believe her last name is Apple. Many things in her home are apple themed.
    My Desert Rose Franciscan ware was also inherited....from my Grandmother. I just love it.
    I'm working on getting the final touches on your Easter Swap. What fun I am having...I hope you like yours.
    Have a great weekend,

    ps....What is your last name? Mr. Postman will want to know, too. :)


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