Apr 20, 2011

Rosey view

 This is my driveway bed;  this rose bush refuses to stand up.  It is right where the boys get out of my SUV.   It looks exactly like it's buddy right down the aisle but it must be a climber or creeper.   Hubby is threatening to rip all of this up and concrete a bigger driveway.  We'll need to eventually, but it is so pretty.  Pretty is as pretty does, I guess.  But, the birds love it too.
This 1 is perfectly standing up and staying back a little like it is suppose to.

Hope you have a rose of a day, with no thorn pricks, of course.


  1. Thank you, I love roses and mine are extra thorny, but oh, so sweet-smelling...I hope you have a great day as well...enjoy the spring!

  2. Hey Denise, I was just thinking about you! I had not seen any post from you for sometime. I have missed you!!
    Love your roses!! I would not disturb them. That is so pretty there!

  3. Hey girl! Sorry I haven't been by in a while. Your little flower bed is cute, give the roses some time and maybe some support. Would that little bit of concrete make such a difference? How about a smaller car? LOL!


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