Dec 1, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree shoppe

This is from Labor Day when we went to Schlitterbaun in New Braunsfels, TX.
Isn't this sign funny at the parking area?

You can tell in the background that this is a marvelous old home and every room was filled to capacity with different themes.

It was color themed too.  It was overwhelming to see so much stuff in 1 place.

I'm a blown glass ornament fan.  I use them on my silver tree from my mother-in-law.  We will put it up this year because our chief reindeer has been begging to get it out again. ;)

I only walked out with a few ornaments.  I am not sure where they are or I'd post them.

xox!!  Blessings to ya


  1. That looks like my kind of place. I think my daughter was there before when she was visiting her grandparents as a child and told me about it.
    I especially love the glassblown ornaments. Those are my favorites. I especially love the birds with the feathers that clip on the branches. Did you see any of those there?

    Well, have a nice day!

  2. I've been here when they first opened in NB. I just figured out that you must live near my friends in El Lago ( or Del I can never remember!) :) Nancy


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